Finally this is what I’m waiting for! >_<
I missed JunJun’s birthday project this year (if there was any) but I surely couldn’t miss this one 😀

Okay, so let me get straight to the point

This is the link to the whole birthday project


It has a through out planning bout what are the Japanese wotas will do on her birthday. Okay, to be honest there is no concert or something like that on JunJun’s birthday, and probably never be.. So the wotas are going to gather and Celebrate JunJun’s birthday on February 6 FC event.

They also will send messages using business card size which will be distributed at Hello!Project winter concert and for most of the international fans won’t be able to attend the concert, or so I believe. So whoever wants to send JunJun’s a birthday message, please kindly visit

Some rules regarding the birthday message (thanks to Amakza for translation) :

1. Don’t put personal information

2. Make sure to limit your message under 150 characters.

A little bit translation of the message board website:


Text Color
Edi/Delete key (4-8 key that u gonna put in if u want to edit/delete ur msg)

Check the box if u want to preview ur msg before posting it

Left Button : Submit
Right Button : Reset


So for everyone who wants to send JunJun birthday message, this is the perfect  time!

I hope for everyone cooperation so this project can be delivered successfully..

Please spread the words!


Aya Matsuura who broke her toe performed in Elder Club Graduation Concert!
Glad to see ur ok Ayaya san!

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Ongaku Gatas

From Tsunku’s Blog
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Q.E.D 2 Minutes Preview

Q.E.D 2 Minutes Preview

Q.E.D (Quods Erad Demonstratum) which means has to be proven will be on Air starting January 6th 2009 on NHK Channel!

Morning Musume’s Lovely Leader gonna be the Protaganist of this dorama, HELL YEAH!

AI chan KICK ASS!~

Alo!Hello 3 Preview

I was planning to post this yesterday, but I kept forgetting it xD hehehe..

Video Preview

Pikku Preview

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Damn.. Jun Jun in bikini so hawt!!! I was pretty sad tho.. Well, but I guess it just a part of her being an Idol xD The other girls look awesome in their bikinis as well, esp. Sayu & Mitsy :nosebleed:

Yall can see ReiKa pair in the preview, guess they r gettin much more closer!

My hubby, shrek was so excited seeing Lin Lin & Mitsy in Bikini rofl.

I believe the activities are :

  • Beach game (?) I have no idea what is it
  • Surfing
  • Beach Volleyball (hell yeah!)
  • Playin’ in the pool
  • Cooking?
  • Photoshoot
  • Boat Ride
  • Others

Please buy the Alo!Hello 3 DVD to support Morning Musume ~

Yes Asia
CD Japan


This is a preview of Next Year Yorosen from B.L.T Magazine (Dec 18, 2008) featuring Morning Musume’s Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Mitsy, and Gaki san as the sensei (teacher). It seems Jun Jun will teach about (Chinese?) New Year, Lin Lin will teach (Chinese?) Food? I wonder what Risa and Mitsy gonna teach. It looks like Mitsy teaching material is about art (CMIIW).

I am lookin’ forward to see how Jun Jun and Lin Lin gonna teach the other members, I mean, we know they just being around for 2 years, though their Japanese has improved a lot, they still have many things to learn before they can communicate with others especially for educational purpose. Well, Gaki said the other day that Lin Lin’s Japanese has improved a lot! Sounds cool huh? Yet Jun Jun’s Japanese has gotten worse (I guess she uses slank word a lot).

This magazine page also has review of Sharan Q concert held on December 6, 2008.

Jun Jun and Lin Lin also made commentary about their memory in 2008 (the yellow and orange box)

English Translation by Ronin @H!O

I was very happy that we could tour Asia for the first time and play concerts in my mother country. I went to Hawaii for the first time on our fanclub tour! I sang a song solo for the first time. I was so very nervous that I confused the lyrics, but the fans were so kind and sang together with me. The Olympic games in Beijing were in 2008 too, right? We were having our musical at that time, but no matter how late I got home I still turned on the TV to watch it. In 2009, I want us to play more concerts and make more promotion in China. And since I’m already 20, I want to become a cool adult. Well… I don’t think anything about me will change though. (lol)

I was happiest about the concerts in Shanghai because my mom and dad came to watch us. But it was a bit sad that they didn’t pay much attention to me and only said “The Morning Musume are so cute!” afterwards. (lol) Going to Hawaii for the first time was fun too. The Spam in Hawaii was so delicious that I ate it everyday. When I returned to Japan, I had eaten so much Spam that I feared I’d get a Spam-like figure. (lol) My biggest goal for 2009 is to grow taller. I said it in 2008 too and I only grew a bit, so I’ll stick to this dream. I also hope that all the fans will stay healthy and everyday will be fun for them.

and Here is Indonesian translation xD
by Junoayano

Jun Jun (ジュンジュン)
Tahun 2008 ini adalah tour Asia pertama, bisa konser di negeri sendiri sangat menyenangkan. Di tour fan club, pertama kalinya pergi ke Hawai! Pertama kali menyanyikan 1 lagu solo. Karena aku sangat tegang, jadi salah lirik, tapi fans semuanya sangat baik dan kami menyanyikannya bersama-sama. Ada Olimpiade di Beijing juga pada tahun 2008 ya. Saat itu sedang melakukan Cinderella the musical, tapi pulang selarut apapun tetap menyalakan televisi untuk menonton olimpiade. Aku ingin di tahun 2009 Morning Musume melakukan konser dan promosi lebih banyak lagi di Cina. Lalu, karena sudah berumur 20 tahun, aku ingin jadi orang dewasa berimage cool. Yaaah, tapi aku merasa tidak berubah sih… (tertawa)

Lin Lin
Pertama-tama, diantar pergi oleh ayah juga ibu di konser ke Shanghai, sangat membahagiakan. Tapi karena aku tidak terlalu terlihat, saat ada yang bilang, “Morning Musume, semuanya imut!” aku jadi agak sedih. (tertawa) Bisa pergi untuk pertama kalinya ke Jepang juga sangat menyenangkan. Spam sangat enak, jadi makan setiap hari. Sampai-sampai aku berpikir, saat kembali ke Jepang, bentuk tubuhku akan jadi seperti Spam. Goal tahun 2009, pertama-tama ingin bertambah tinggi. Di tahun 2008 juga bilang begitu, tapi karena hanya bertambah tinggi sedikit saja, impian ini masih terus berlanjut. Setelah itu, aku rasa bagus kalau melewatkan setiap hari-hari yang sehat dengan menyenangkan juga bersama-sama dengan semua fans.


Howdy Jun Jun’s Fans whoever you are!

I just created this blog to let people in this world know about Jun Jun (Li Chun) my.. oh well maybe ours lovely Morning Musume artist.

She joined Morning Musume as a foreign student exchange program on 2007 with Lin Lin (Qian Lin). Together with Lin Lin and Aika Mitsui, they are regarded as Morning Musume’s 8th Generation.

Morning Musume itself is a popular Jpop Idol Group created back in 1997. It is managed under Hello Project! agency and produced by Tsunku.

Allritey, I think that’s pretty much enough for the introduction. Later on I will post her profile!

Let’s spread the Banana Love~